Phantom 4 Sport Mode

Phantom 4 Sport Mode

Sport Mode is the latest mode to hit the DJI Phantom Series. This new mode unleashes the full power of the Phantom 4 motors, giving users unprecedented performance and handling.

It's important to note that Sport Mode disables the Phantom 4 obstacle-avoidance systems. Think of it as a "track mode" found on a sporty car: It shuts off safety systems, gives the driver full control, and lets loose full power. It also drains battery power--expect battery life around 20 min...if you're lucky.

That added power means quicker acceleration, ascending and descending speeds, and a max velocity of 45 MPH (or 72 km/h). Note: That max velocity is DJI's official number. Pilots have reported and recorded top speeds beyond 60 MPH, thanks to clever use of tailwinds.



On the good side, there's no interference and second-guessing from the computer. The driver has full control and responsibility for the drone. Expert pilots will enjoy the 30% increase in speed and heightened agility.

On the down side, the extra power and speed mean the pilot has more to handle. There nothing to protect the drone from over-steering his or her way into a barrier--other than skill, of course.

A great advantage that the Phantom 4 has over dedicated sport drones is that, once the sporty flying is over, a pilot can switch his Phantom back to a standard mode, enjoying superb video and photo quality. All this highlights the Phantom 4's excellent versatility and multi-purpose use.

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