Phantom 4 Range Extender (Better Signal + Video)

Each of our three remote/antenna modifications offer varying benefits.

First up is our Phantom 4 Pro/Pro+ Dual Helical Antenna Mod Remote Upgrade, which extends the range of the drone, creating a stronger signal and better penetration through interference (it also won't void your warranty! Unlike other antenna systems).

Next is our Phantom 4 FireBridge System Upgrade, which guarantees reception in the most adverse conditions, offering 20x more performance than the stock remote. It houses fully internalized custom Wifi boosters, a custom cooling system, and dual helicoil antennas which increase the range up to 4-5 miles.

Finally we have our Phantom 4 Standard Long Range Extender system, which provides better reception than the factory antenna when near, far, behind trees, or around Wifi interference. Whether you are buying this remote with your drone or you'd like to upgrade your current remote, Drone World has you covered.