Phantom 4 TapFly / Fly with Tap Mode

Phantom 4 TapFly


With DJI's new "TapFly" system, drone flight has never been easier. A pilot need only tap on a map-screen and--wha-la--his or her Phantom 4 will fly to that point.

But what about trees? Power lines? Lamp-posts?

No need to worry: The DJI Phantom 4 features an automated obstacle-avoidance system. The Phantom 4 maneuvers and dodges objects in its path--all on its own.

That's because new on-board frontal sensors allow the Phantom 4 to "see" objects in its way. The drone will stop well ahead of an obstacle, figure out the safest path, then move around the obstacle.


All a pilot needs to do is set a marker on the TapFly Mode map-screen and send the drone on its way. Need to change the direction? Tap on another point. It's that simple.

With TapFly, a pilot doesn't have to fret about controlling the drone--the drone controls itself. It's a groundbreaking autonomous system that has set the Phantom 4 on a class unto itself. With the Phantom 4 computer doing its own flying, a pilot has the time and freedom to focus on making his shot the best.

Luckily, DJI has inserted some security measures for pilots, such as a "Smart Return Home" feature. This feature allows a pilot to quickly activate obstacle avoidance mid-flight. Features like this are just one of the many reasons the DJI Phantom 4 stands out from the pack.

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Phantom 4 TapFly