DJI Phantom 4 Range Extender / Remote Long Range System Modification


phantom 4 long range

ONLY System w/ Fully Internal WiFi Boosters
FIVE MILES at Max Range!
Superior Loss-Resistant Signal!
Made in the USA
Panel Antenna w/ 180° Panoramic Signal!


The Drone World Phantom 3 Range Extender was a major breakthrough and best-seller in the industry. With a new, fourth generation of Phantom comes the need for a new generation of Range Extender. But how does one make a great system even greater?


Introducing FireBridge

FireBridge is Drone World’s own upgraded, internally powered system, one that utilizes only the best, most proven technology. It combines a class-leading antenna with 180-degree panoramic signal range, premium RG58 military-grade wiring, and top-notch WiFi boosters, hand-assembled by Drone World’s tech department.


Don’t Settle for Less

While DJI advertises a 3.1-mile max signal range, most Phantom 4 pilots report max ranges of as little as 1 mile.

phantom 4 remote

That’s because the factory system is vulnerable to uneven terrain, natural obstacles, certain alititudes, and WiFi interference. DJI's official max range is accomplished under “optimal” conditions, which most pilots are not likely to enjoy.


What FireBridge Does for You

Our new Long Range System pushes boundaries from 3 miles all the way up to 5. While the DJI system can result in a minimal range of around 1 mile, Drone World’s FireBridge system easily doubles that, with some expert range-mongers pushing it well beyond the 5-mile mark.

Just have a look at the video above to see award-winning National Geographic photographer and videographer Max Siegal do just that.

Phantom 4 Executive Kit v2.0


It’s Convenient, Too

Sure, having a stronger, clearer signal is great, but the convenience of our Long Range System goes beyond that. Like our Phantom 3 Range Extender, our Phantom 4 system is 100% internally powered and installed by our technicians. That means no need to deal with pesky cables, separate batteries, or the labor of installing dozens of parts!


Exclusively at Drone World

Our Phantom 4 Long Range System is currently an Executive Kit exclusive, though it will soon be offered as a separate upgrade. So don’t settle for homemade projects or low-grade knockoffs. Go with a brand you can trust and order your Long Range System and Phantom 4 Executive Kit! Just click below!


phantom 4 executive kit



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