DJI Phantom 4 Pro/+ (Plus Screen)

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The Phantom 4 Pro and Pro+ took the great features of the Phantom 4 and improved them: greater speed and range, sharper image quality and brand new flying modes.  Read more...The Phantom 4 Pro+ is precisely the same as the Pro, but with an added a 5.5 inch 1080p screen that comes built-in on the remote controller (no setup or other device needed). Each of our DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ Kit Bundles below are specially designed to help you bundle & save, including our flagship, the Phantom 4 Pro Executive Kit.




The Phantom 4 Pro+ is a substantial improvement over the Phantom 4. Nowhere is this demonstrated more definitively than in performance. Newer, more efficient motors and a superior battery combine to create a faster ascent speed and overall speed. Expect to achieve incredible speeds of 65-70 mph , all while enjoying an increased flight time of 30 minutes.

Drone pilots will be happy to experience each of the nuances of the 5 new Intelligent Flight Modes:

  • Circle
  • Terrain Follow
  • Tripod
  • Draw
  • Gesture

Narrow Sensing and a revamped Smart Return Home function are also brand new to the Phantom 4 Pro+. With Smart Return Home, DJI has truly pushed drone technology to new levels. After forming a map of its environment in real time, the P4Pro+ will select the best flight path to return home. It can even sense objects 300 meters ahead to avoid collision with ease. Lost your signal? Don’t worry! This incredibly smart aircraft will retrace its original path and regain connection in just one short minute.

Flying through precise, constrained airspace is made considerably easier with Narrow Sensing. Once enabled, the P4Pro+ will adjust its sensing range and flying speed to navigate through narrow gaps.

With new modes, multiple sensors, and plenty foolproof systems – the Phantom 4 Pro+ is popular for all the right reasons. We break down all the nitty gritty details among the Phantom 4 Pro+, Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 on our comparison page. Familiarize yourself with all our useful Phantom 4 Pro+ accessories and valuable upgrades, including our Phantom 4 Pro+ Executive Kit.