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DJI Inspire 1 General Info

DJI Inspire 1

4K Video!

Multi-Control Support!

50 MPH!

The DJI Inspire 1 is a commercial-grade drone that delivers the best video quality at a reasonable price. The Inspire 1 is larger than its sibling, the DJI Phantom, but features more powerful motors and a higher-grade, interchangeable camera. Small wonder major studios and production companies choose the Inspire 1 for their aerial shots.


The Inspire 1 is one of DJI’s four series of aerial drone. DJI offers the Inspire 1 in two variants: v2.0 and Pro. The v2.0 is the base variant, while the Pro is the premium one. The Pro includes an upgraded camera, improved landing gear, and quick-release propellers.

Like the popular Phantom, the Inspire uses the proven and familiar quadcopter design. Four DJI 3510H motors power the aircraft, powered by Intelligent Flight batteries. A camera is mounted below the body of the aircraft. The Inspire’s four legs lift upward to give a pilot’s camera uninterrupted 360° visibility.

Thanks to lightweight composite arms and four powerful motors, the Inspire 1 can reach up to 50 MPH and fly as long as 18 minutes. Even better, the Inspire’s “Lightbridge” system streams HD video to a pilot’s remote from up to a mile away. The Inspire supports two users at one time, one acting as pilot and the other as videographer.

The v2.0 comes stock with a Zenmuse X3 camera standard. The X3 delivers 4K (2160p) video at 30 FPS, 1080p video at 60 FPS, and 12 MP photos. The X3 uses a Sony Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) 1/2.3” sensor. The X5, found on the Pro, yields 16 MP images and a much larger CMOS sensor. The optional X5R provides uncompressed “raw” video preferred by cinematographers. None of the Inspire cameras suffer from the “fisheye” effect of most action cams. All Inspire cameras include a three-axis gimbal for maximum stability.

You can learn more about the Inspire 1's features by visiting our FAQ page.

The Inspire 1 camera key specs are:

  • Zenmuse X3 Camera & Gimbal
  • Sony EXMOR 1/2.3"
  • 20mm Lens
  • 5 Photo Modes
  • 3 Video Modes
  • 12.4 MP Max Image Res
  • 4K UHD Max Video Res
  • 100-1600 Photo ISO Range
  • 100-3200 Video ISO Range
  • 8s - 1/8000s Shutter Speed
  • 94° Field of View
  • JPEG & DNG photo formats
  • MP4, MOV, and MPEG-4 video formats


You can see a full list of specs here.

The Inspire 1 comes stock with:

You can find a detailed list of what's included here.

Drone World retails the standalone Inspire 1 v2.0 for $2,899 and the fully loaded and upgraded v2.0 for $3,899. You can learn more about the Inspire 1 by visiting our Inspire 1 Information Guide.

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