Mini Drones (360° Flip Toy Micro Drone Quadcopters)

As an added bonus, we’ve thrown in these fun mini drones with our DJI upgrade kits, but you can also purchase them on their own from us at great prices! The 2017 FPV mini drone uses a 0.3 MP camera for photos and records videos too. Perform eye-catching flips with the 2017 mini drone, and recharge both drones via USB for hours of fun for both kids and adults.


Practice your flying skills with either one of these endlessly fun nano quadcopters. A spare set of propellers with each drone ensures plenty of repeat uses, while the smaller 2017 mini drone comes equipped with propeller guards for added safety. While these diminutive drones are included in many of our upgrade kits for extra fun, we also sell them here individually at exceptional price points.