Phantom 4 ActiveTrack Visual Tracking Mode

Phantom 4 ActiveTrack

Active Track is one of three exciting new modes for the DJI Phantom 4. Active Track lets pilots track a subject, still or moving, with the press of a finger. 

Like TapFly, Active Track uses an auto obstacle-avoidance system. The Phantom 4 will dodge and maneuver around a object in its path. This lets the pilot focus on video and photography, rather than worry about piloting his drone. 

 How it works:

The steps are simple:

  1. Switch onto P Mode
  2. Select Active Track
  3. Tap the subject on screen
  4. Press Go

Active Track works best in bright environments, regardless of GPS signal quality, and at altitudes of 30 ft. or lower. If the drone disconnects from a pilot's remote or runs low on power, it will automatically return to its home point.

Even with all this automation, pilots still have control over the drone. The left stick controls altitude, while the right stick controls distance and orbital direction.

Actice Track Mode isn't fool-proof. The drone can still lose subjects that fall out of view, such as when a bicyclist rides under a bridge or a person hops into a car. The drone will refocus if the subject is back in view in a short amount of time. If the drone totally loses a subject, it'll idle till the pilot changes course or the drone loses power.

Active Track can also circle the drone around a still subject. Where once it took an adept pilot to do such work, now novices and casual pilots can achieve masterful all-round shots. This mode is just another way how DJI is bringing the future to the present. With this new mode, the Phantom 4 users are one step closer to enjoying full drone autonomy. The pilot gains more liberty while enjoying countless new options. Awesome tech at an awesome value.

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