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Phantom 4 Executive Kit V2.0 w/ Nanuk 950 Wheeled Case, 3 Batteries, Thor Charger, CF Props & Guards, Filters, 64GB Card, Optional Remote Upgrade & More


  • PLEASE NOTE: The original Phantom 4 is no longer being produced, please see the new Phantom 4 Pro/Adv models here or Mavic Pro models here

  • Kit Includes: Phantom 4 Drone, Nanuk 950 Hard Wheeled Case & Shoulder Strap, 3 batteries (2 extras) & Thor Super-Charging Station, Extra Carbon Fiber Propellers, Quick Release Prop Guards, L-Series Premium Lens Filter Kit (Variable Polarizer & ND) w/ pouch, 64gb+16gb MicroSD Memory Cards, Portable Battery Bank, Drone World Brand Sunshade for mobile or tablet devices, Remote Lanyard, Apple USB Cable, Remote Silicone Sleeve and more!

  • Optional Firebridge™ or Executive Remote Upgrade Systems: Fully Internalized Custom WiFi Boosters increases range up 4-5+ mi (In ideal conditions) Over engineered system provides guaranteed signal at close proximity ranges.

  • Avoid obstacles automatically. Track moving subjects automatically using ActiveTrack. TapFly lets you fly with a tap of the finger.

  • 20-28 minute maximum fight time. Smart Return Home allows the Phantom to avoid obstacles as it returns home.

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DJI Phantom 4 Executive Kit Bundle by

National Geographic Max Seigal Phantom 4 Executive Kit Review

Our DJI Phantom 4 Executive Kit Includes:

  • CASE: Exclusive Nanuk 950 Black Wheeled Hard Case w/ Custom Molded Foam & Durable White Top Layer. Case Shoulder strap also included.
  • REMOTE LONG RANGE SYSTEM: Fly Safer with Better Signal Coverage & Video Quality.
  • BATTERIES: 2 Extra High Capacity batteries (1 Smart Battery + 2 High Capacity Batteries in total) for up to 90 minutes of flying + Triple Charger Hub
  • CHARGING: Thor Powered Super-Charging Station Charges 3 Batteries & Remote at same time 4x faster!
  • PROPELLERS: Carbon fiber propellers also included for faster acceleration and higher top speeds, self tightening with adaptor hub can replace weak factory quick release springs.  
  • PROP GUARDS: Quick release prop guards attach easily and provide protection around spinning propellers.
  • LENS FILTERS: L-Series Premium Lens Filter Kit (Variable Polarizer & ND) w/ pouch. Industry 1st Adjustable ND Filter & Polarized Lens Filter (12 protective coatings and waterproof vs stock filters have no coatings) both for amazing video quality in bright conditions. 
  • MEMORY: 64gb 95/Mbs U3 Class 10 & 16gb MicroSD Cards with USB 3.0 reader for 3 hours video & fast transfers 
  • DRONE WORLD SUNSHADE: New Patented sleeve has a super fast setup that folds & stores easy. Commercial quality. Sizes available for all mobile & tablet devices
  • BATTERY BANK: Portable 10,400Mah Battery, Re-charge your Tablet/Phone, Video Goggles or TrackiMo on the go
  • LANYARD: High Quality 2-Ply Drone World Remote Lanyard to prevent remote drops and add that Professional touch
  • FREE EXTRAS: Free Backpack, Free Mini Drone, Free Car Charger, Free Apple USB Cable & Free Remote Silicone Sleeve Included!
  • (OPTIONAL UPGRADE) REMOTE LONG RANGE SYSTEM: Fly Safer with Better Signal Coverage & Video Quality.
  • (OPTIONAL UPGRADE) GPS TRACKING: TrackiMo GPS Tracking Device: never loose your drone again! 
  • (OPTIONAL UPGRADE) FPV GOGGLES + HDMI MODULE INSTALLED: Fly with FPV (first person view) HD Goggles Experience! 








Secure storage and carrying of your Phantom 4 Executive kit with Drone World's Custom Foam Nanuk 950 Case with tough, easy to clean white topper. 

P4 Executive Kit What's Included







Phantom 4 Range Extender Remote








Carbon Fiber Propellers

Propeller Guards

Thor Supercharging Battery Station

NEW Executive Kit V2.0 Accessories

Industry 1st Carbon Fiber Propellers with 2x the Stiffness of Factory Propellers

Charge (3) Batteries and (1) Remote at the same time with 4x Faster Charging power then stock

Engineered with Deflection Dampening to prevent sudden impact or shattered cameras

so you can fly with confidence.






Drone World's Commercial Grade Remote Controller Sunshade LCD Hood

A must have for outdoor viewing - No More Glare!



Fastest Setup and Fly Time on the Market

Mounts Securely to Phantom 4 Remote Controllers

Commercial Production Film Grade at a Fraction of the Cost

Patent Pending Sleeve Design for Quick Device Settings Adjustment

Substantial Improvement Over DJI brand Sunshade and suction cup device holder shades






L-Series Premium Lens Filter Kit

(Polarizer & variable stop ND)

Industry 1st Adjustable ND Filter & Polarized Lens Filter (12 protective coatings and waterproof vs stock filters have no coatings) both for amazing video quality in bright conditions.

Lens GIF







Transcend 32GB High-Performance microSDHC 633x Class 10 UHS-I/U3 (Up to 95MB/s Read) Memory Card w/ USB 3.0 Reader 64gb 95/Mbs Class 10 & 16gb MicroSD Cards with USB 3.0 reader


  • Quickly captures, stores, plays back, and transfers media files, including 1080p fullHD, and 4K video | Leverages UHS-1 technology for a transfer speed up to 633x (95MB/s).

  • Ultra Fast U3 Rating for the best Phantom 4 card on the market.

  • Includes highspeed, Class 10 card with a USB 3.0 reader to transfer files in seconds not minutes.

  • Store approximately 80 minutes of 4K video (about 4 battery packs worth of flight time) or 180 minutes of HD 1080p video.


Apple Lightning USB Device Cable


  • Drone World Brand

  • Compatable with all DJI Drones

  • Perfect 1 ft. length

  • MFI Apple Certified Lightning Cable for iPad / iPhone

  • 2.5X power depending on your powered plug

  • Braided Nylon Wire, Hard Aluminum Connector

Apple Lightning USB Device Cable


Portable 10,400Mah Battery Power Bank Drone World Power Bank Portable Battery Charger


  • Long Lasting High Capacity Power Bank

  • Keep your tablet, phone or drone accessories powered on the go

  • 10,400mAh Battery Capacity with Dual Port Charging (Output: DC5V-1A & 2.1A)

  • Grade A Li-ion battery ensure relibability and over 500+ recharge cycles

  • Compatable with all iPhones, Galaxy's and any USB powered device

  • Built in LED flashlight

  • Compact Design - comfortably fits in pocket at 4.25" x 3" x 0.8"


Drone World Remote Controller Lanyard


  • Never lose control of your DJI Drone controller with our Drone World lanyard

  • Designed specifically for all DJI Drone remote controller

  • Adjustable length

Drone World Remote Controller Lanyard



DJI Phantom 4

Avoid obstacles automatically.

Maximum speed of 45mph (72kmh).

TapFly lets you fly with a tap of the finger.

Track moving subjects automatically using ActiveTrack.

Integrated gimbal for greater camera stability and smoother footage.

28 minute maximum fight time, maximum control range of 3.1mi (5km).

Smart Return Home allows the Phantom to avoid obstacles as it returns home.

Optimized Vision Positioning System raises positioning altitude up to 10 meters.



The DJI Phantom 4 is the smartest flying camera DJI has ever created. Able to fly intelligently
with a tap, automatically create seamless tracking shots, fly intelligently over or around
obstacles and much more. Flying has never been this easy or as much fun.


Obstacle sensors enable the Phantom 4 to
sense and react to its environment.



Simply tap on the screen to fly the 
Phantom 4 in the direction you want. 
It will avoid obstacles in its path.


Lock on to your subject and track them 
as they move, let Phantom 4 take care
of everything.



A dual satellite positioning system and an enhanced Vision Positioning System provides the
Phantom 4 with safer, more reliable flight experience both outdoors and indoors. 



Capable of capturing 4k video at 30 frames per second and slow motion 1080p at
120 frames per second, creating impressive footage has never been so easy.



A 3-axis, u-frame camera stabilization system cancels out unwanted
camera movements during flight.

Extended Flight Times
Fly with confidence for 28 minutes.

Integrated Long Range

See what the camera sees in 720p HD from up
to 3.1 miles (5Km) away with the Phantom 4's
intergrated HD video downlink. Frame up your
shot from far away with perfect precision.




A dual compass module and dual
inertial Measurement Unit (IMUs)
greatly increases reliability.


Advanced Aerodynamics 
and Stability

Sleek, Streamlined Aerodynamics help the Phantom4
slip more smoothly through the air.


A newly designed push and release prop mounting
mechanism locks props in place with a push and a 
twist while adding extra security in flight.



High-Speed Flight
and Braking

Fly up to 45mph with satellite and Vision Positioning support

with the new Sport Mode on Phantom 4.



Three flight modes let you customize your flight depending on your needs, whether you
want satellite positioning and intelligent moves, smooth flowing footage, or high speed.



Weight (Including Battery): 1380 g
Max Ascent Speed: 6 m/s (Sport mode)
Max Descent Speed: 4 m/s (Sport mode)
Max Speed: 20 m/s (Sport mode)
Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level: 19685 feet (6000 m)
(Software altitude limit: 400 feet above takeoff point)
Max Flight Time: Approx. 28 minutes
Operating Temperature Range: 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
Satellite Systems: GPS / GLONASS
Hovering Accuracy: Vertical: 
+/- 0.1 m (when Vision Positioning is active) or +/-0.5 m
+/- 0.3 m (when Vision Positioning is active) or +/-1.5 m



 Obstacle Sensory Range: 2 - 49 feet (0.7 - 15 m)
Operating Environment: Surface with clear pattern and adequate lighting (lux > 15)



Sensor: 1/2.3” Effective pixels:12 M
Lens: FOV ( Field Of View ) 94° 20 mm ( 35 mm format equivalent ) f/2.8 focus at ∞
ISO Range: 100 - 3200 ( video ) 100 - 1600 ( photo )
Electronic Shutter Speed: 8 s to 1/8000 s
Max Image Size: 4000×3000
Still Photography Modes: Single shot
Burst shooting: 3 / 5 / 7 frames
Auto Exposure Bracketing ( AEB ): 3 / 5 bracketed frames at 0.7 EV Bias
Video Recording Modes: UHD: 4096×2160 (4K) 24 / 25p
3840×2160 (4K) 24 / 25 / 30p
2704×1520 (2.7K) 24 / 25 / 30p
FHD: 1920×1080 24 / 25 / 30 / 48 / 50 / 60 / 120p
HD: 1280×720 24 / 25 / 30 / 48 / 50 / 60p
Max Video Bitrate: 60 Mbps
Supported File Systems: FAT32 ( ≤ 32 GB ); exFAT ( > 32 GB )
Photo: JPEG, DNG ( RAW )
Video: MP4 / MOV ( MPEG – 4 AVC / H.264 )
Supported SD Cards: Micro SD, Max capacity: 64GB. Class 10 or UHS-1 rating required
Operating Temperature: 32° to 104° F ( 0° to 40° C )



Voltage: 17.4 V
Rated Power: 100 W



Mobile App: DJI GO
EIRP: 100mW
Power Spectral Density: 6.9mW/MHz
Live View Working Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM
Live View Quality: 720P @ 30fps (depending on conditions and mobile device)
Latency: 220ms (depending on conditions and mobile device)
Required Operating Systems: iOS 8.0 or later
Android 4.1.2 or later
Recommended Devices: ios: iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPod touch 6, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 2 Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Air 2, iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 3 Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad mini 4, and iPad mini 4 Wi-Fi + Cellular. This app is optimized for iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Android: Samsung tabs 705c, Samsung S6, Samsung S5, Samsung NOTE4, Samsung NOTE3, Google Nexus 9, Google Nexus 7 II, Ascend Mate7, Huawei Mate 8, Nubia Z7 mini, SONY Xperia Z3, MI 3, MI PAD
*Support for additional Android devices available as testing and development continues.



Controllable Range: Pitch -90° to +30°
Stabilization: 3-axis (pitch, roll, yaw)



Velocity Range: ≤10 m/s ( 2 m above ground )
Altitude Range: 0 - 33 feet ( 0 - 10 m )
Operating Range: 0 - 33 feet ( 0 - 10 m )
Operating Environment: Surface with clear pattern and adequate lighting (Lux > 15)



Operating Frequency: 2.400 GHz to 2.483 GHz
Max Transmission Distance: FCC Compliant: 3.1 mi ( 5 km );
CE Compliant: 2.2 mi ( 3.5 km )( Unobstructed, free of interference )
Operating Temperature: 32° to 104° F ( 0° to 40° C )
Battery: 6000 mAh LiPo 2S
Transmitter Power ( EIRP ): FCC: 23 dBm
CE: 17 dBm
Operating Voltage: 7.4V @ 1.2A



Capacity: 5350 mAh
Voltage: 15.2 V
Battery Type: LiPo 4S
Energy: 81.3 Wh
Net Weight: 462 g
Operating Temperature: 14° to 104° F ( -10° to 40° C )
Max Charging Power: 100 W

What’s Included

Executive Kit What's Included / Whats in the Box


Customer Reviews (17)

Thank you Drone World! Review by walter 5

This package is really the best way to hit the ground running if you are getting into using a drone professionally, you've got back up batteries, a case, charger, etc. all of the bases are covered! (Posted on 3/6/2017)
Excellent product and bundle! Review by Dave

Drone World does an excellent job of bundling together multiple items at a great value. I was able to pick and choose how I wanted my drone to be delivered. (Posted on 3/6/2017)
Very happy with this package deal. Review by Tim

This was my first drone ever I'm glad I bought this package deal everything works great I also bought the goggles for the Drone must have. (Posted on 3/5/2017)
Great package deal. Review by Darryl

Great package deal. It helped me know what all I might need for a first time drone owner. When it arrived there were no chargers included. A quick internet contact and they were shipped. (Posted on 2/28/2017)
Stoked Review by Don T.

The first good sign was its, very well packaged on time arrival. Secondly the Nanuk 950 Wheeled Case is really durable and strong. It should be able to handle anything a bellman or airline baggage handler can hand out. I wish there was not a DroneWorld logo on it however. Why advertise to some ne'er do well there is something inside they would want to steal. A couple of minor items on B/O, but are expected soon. The firmware update loaded easily and without incident.

See video of my very first flight. I was amazed by the stability of the craft and its ability to hover in light gusty breezes. Once started, the actual flying is easy to master. Even more remarkable is the stability of the video considering the vibrations and movements of the platform. It will take some practice to be able to fly and shoot video simultaneously, Another thing that will take some experimentation, will be the setting the camera variables and included filters, to produce the desired colors/shades,brightness. But it will be a fun experience I can tell.

Also, the Thor Charger, being able to charge multiple batteries simultaneously, should provide more flying minutes than I can use in a session. The instructions indicate that the Obstacle Avoidance doesn't work with the propeller guards in place. However, it seems to me that with this new design it does work. I wish they had a zoom feature on the camera, but that might add too much weight. Maybe it could be addressed like the iPhone, a better camera, with electronic zoom. The pictures can be cleaned up in Photoshop or Lightroom.

The hardest part of the purchase was justifying the cost of this expensive toy to my wife. Finally I took her into our closet and pointed out her clothes and shoes compared to mine. Problem solved.

Looking forward to leaving the Beginner Mode behind, and traveling greater distances.

I'm just an amateur photographer, looking for some new perspectives.

Don T (Posted on 12/20/2016)
... 2 months flying this thing and I couldn't be happier with my purchase Review by Jose R.

I've spent the past 2 months flying this thing and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I recommend this drone to beginners or professionals. I'd never flown before very much and I haven't even came close to crashing. So from a beginner to someone interested in buying this particular quadcopter, I say go for it. The executive kit came with everything I needed to get started right away.

My kit came with:
The Phantom 4 drone
An awesome long range system that gives great signal quality
Hard case with wheels and a shoulder strap
2 extra batteries plus the one that comes with the drone
A super charging station (very convenient)
Carbon fiber propellers (haven't tried these yet).
Prop Guards (works w/ obstacle avoidance).
L-Series Premium Lens Filter (Polarizer & variable stop ND) with a pouch to hold them.
64gb AND a 16gb with a USB Reader so I can plug the cards in to my laptop.
10,400mAh Portable Battery Charger for my iphone while i'm out with this thing for hours.

This kit even threw in a remote lanyard and a silicon remote cover thing that helps me navigate the controls (they thought of everything)

Oh and the free backpack and little mini drone are a plus! (Posted on 12/20/2016)
Drone World is on the TOP SHELF!!! Review by SKYFLYZ

Drone World is definitely the "Phantom 4 Kit Specialists" when you’re ready to buy a Phantom 4. We have purchased our first Phantom 4 Executive Kit 2.0 to add to its inventory of DJI Drones, and this set up is EPIC!!! This P4 Exec Kit 2.0 speaks for itself every time we have shown up on a Demo for a client with it, everyone's eyes LIGHT UP!!! Some have heard about the "Long Range" Kit, but for the most part, a lot of people haven't got their hands on one yet... The Phantom 4 with the "Long Range" Kit has proven to do very well, with flight ranges as advertised plus. As soon as a client sees us setting up the "Nanuk 950 Hard Wheeled Case" and preparing the Phantom 4 for flight, they are immediately impressed by the way Drone World has put the P4 Exec Kit 2.0 together, opening the case and they see everything inside it organized, in its place being secure and padded very well. It makes that "First Impression" a "Professional Impression" and they know you take your business very serious, including the end product result for the client. This has happened EVERY time we have taken the P4 Exec Kit 2.0 to a Demo. You're more than 50% there, right out of the chute, in attaining a client. Drone World gives you not only 2, but 3 sets of blades with the P4 Exec Kit 2.0. They give you 2 sets of Standard blades and 1 set of Carbon Fiber blades. The "Thor" Charging System works well, and it doesn't take long to charge the controller and batteries. The cooling fan for the charger only comes on as needed and keeps the charger performing very smooth, cool and quiet. The "28 minute maximum fight time" with the new "Smart Batteries" is right on and then some. The "Apple USB Cable" that Drone World provides is actually a custom "Apple USB Cable", that is 1' long, braided nylon sleeve with Heavy Duty ends. I really like these, they are very durable and glad they are offering them now. The L-Series Premium Lens Filter Kit (Variable Polarizer & ND) w/ pouch have really helped enhance and produce incredible Images & Videos, being excepted by our clients in the Film/Movie/Video Industry, Golf Industry, Real Estate, Mining and Marina applications with the highest expectations and standards being fulfilled utilizing the P4 Exec Kit 2.0. Drone World has come up with a design for a "Remote Silicone Sleeve" that is very nice on the hands and allows for more control and protection of the Controller. The "Portable Battery Bank" is a nice feature that Drone World has added to the P4 Exec Kit 2.0, allowing to charge your devices on the go, (ipad, Tablet, phone and etc.) that your using to operate with, in the middle of nowhere as a backup. The "Quick Release Prop Guards" work great and are just as the name says, very easy to snap into place and take off as well. The "+FREE Backpack" they send you with this order isn't just some "free" or cheap backpack like most companies tend to send you. I was very surprised to see that it is a custom backpack and everything in the P4 Exec Kit 2.0 will fit in it. They even give you custom pouches/socks that slip over the rotor attachments to protect them. The backpack is made of very durable material and fully padded inside and on the straps and on the side that is against your back. It has multiple pockets in it and on it for just about everything.

I would have to say that I agree that they are "#1 in Customer Support and Service". All of the employees at Drone World really take the time to help you with your order, and they definitely provide service after the sale. I have spoken with Alex, Brennan, in regards to our order and questions we have had, and they all are great at getting answers for you and helping you through the process and follow up during and afterwards. I found that no matter who I speak to at Drone World, they are knowledgeable about what's going on. (To whom it may concern, they all deserve a raise). Drone World has a great Team and it's nice to know they are there for support. We are excited to be doing more business with Drone World. (Posted on 9/15/2016)
Super Satisfied Review by Albert

Sales team is incredibly informative, I originally called to see if they can repair my old P3 I purchased from DJI. They assisted me with contacting them for warranty repairs. I had no idea about warranty. DJI fixed for free and I came back to buy from Drone World, considering I needed a second drone for my business as a real estate agent. (Posted on 9/15/2016)
Well worth it and great support Review by Paulc

Upgraded from the DJI Pro3 to the new DJI 4 -- bought the Executive 2.0 and no regrets, ran into a small issue and Customer Service was excellent, they took care of the issue right away. They really went out of their way - Brent called to follow up with everything - that's what I call customer service! Thank you.
The shipping / packaging was nice, everything was packed nicely into the Nanuk Case - nice way to show it works.
The drone itself, it's perfect for my work (didn't crash it into a wall or tree) and stable is an understatement. It's really nice when I get to use it on the hobbyist side of the spectrum - Anyway - Thanks Drone World !
(Posted on 7/29/2016)
Phantom 4 from Drone-World is the best decision I've made regarding a drone! Review by Rob Carlisle

I bought my Phantom 4 w/ executive kit from Drone-World and took it to the Outer Banks, NC for this past week. I was able to get some pictures and videos that many people only dream about. I fly around the light house, high ropes course, the main drag, over the sound and up and down the beach. The carbon fiber props removed any worry I had about the winds on the beach. It was as steady as if it was sitting on the ground. The interest people had in it allowed me to capture a lot of people waving and taking pictures of the drone, not to mention how many people came up to me to talk. The features it has, versus the older models, allowed me to take some really cool 'points of interest' focused videos and made it easier to perform some really cool perspectives due to the control functions it has built in. The Thor charger loads the batteries super fast, and does 3 batteries and the controller all at the same time, making it a no-brainer about getting it. I was super easy to set up and get in the air that we were able to stop on the side of the road and have it up and running in a matter of minutes.

On top of the drone being AWESOME, dealing with Drone-World has been an awesome experience! I had some questions about my order after first placing it and they got back to me right away via email, as well as called me to make sure I got my questions answered and satisfactory to my needs. After I received my drone, they called to make sure I got it and didn't have any problems with it, as well as followed up a couple of weeks later. I've got a Phantom 2 that needs some parts and I'll definitely be getting them from Drone-World! In fact, I'll be getting all my future drone needs from Drone-World! It's been a great experience working with them, much better than others in the field. They're definitely the leader in drones! (Posted on 7/28/2016)
Worry Free Turnkey Pro Package Review by SkycamJoe

I've been flying Dji drones since Phantom 1.1! I keep upgrading to keep my competitive edge and frankly the previous birds have all earned their keep and now retirement.

The reason I bought the Phantom 4 Executive Kit with extras is because I wanted a turnkey system truly readyou to fly and earn it's keep. A major improvements was the extended range signal booster. Looking at many 3rd party boosters that either didn't have the range of the Drone World mod or needed a bulky external battery. The current draw of the Drone World signal booster draws very little power. It's a very clean mod that does its designed job.

I had the HDMI module added which now gives me a external video like my Dji Inspire that I can share with the Director of Photography and or Video Village.

The worry free part for me was the total coverage of the added insurance and repair plan. It also covers accidents which with this latest generation drone should be easier to avoid.

Even though this bird for me is mostly for commercial/Industrial use, I would not think twice about rolling in with the included case on a documentary shoot.

The price for all this is worth it even if you're an advanced hobbiest but don't want to tinker but would rather fly worry free.

(Posted on 7/28/2016)
Brent Baker DJI Phantom 4 Review by Alex Keith

I did a lot of research looking at all kind of Drones and places to buy them. I had a freind who bought a bare DJI 4 drone form an unknown place. I googled it and I saw Drone World. I inquired and talked to Brent Baker. He listened to me realized what I wanted and recommended the Phantom 4 2.0 kit. I ordered it but there was a slight problem with the extended range kit for it. He let me know it was a little behind and to compensate me for it he gave me overnight shipping for free and a free Military bag upgrade. I received my Drone the next day and there is no way I could be any happier. It is past incredible with the pictures and the things it can do. I even received a follow up call to make sure all was ok and if I needed any help. If you are looking for a Phantom 4 any u buy one anywhere else u are missing out. Drone World u are the best thanks again.

Alex Keith (Posted on 7/27/2016)
Top of the line consumer focused and very helpful Review by LTG

Brent was an exceptional person to deal with. He had a vast knowledge of all your products and was extremely helpful. I donʻt normally spend $3,400.00 but I researched purchasing my Drone from several locations including JDI, but none of them offered the help and consideration that Brent gave me. (Give him a Raise!)
Larry Grodin (Posted on 7/27/2016)
Drone-World doesn't mess around! Review by Tabor

I began my search for a drone a few months ago and was just about to pull the trigger on the P3 long range kit. I am sure glad that I didn't! The P4 executive kit is awesome! It has everything you need as an aspiring "droner" I have used everything going in the kit so far I even use the mini drone to practice indoors during bad weather. All in all I am extremely pleased with what Drone-World has to offer and this will not be my last purchase. (Posted on 4/26/2016)
Everything that should have came in the box. Review by Robert G

My last drone purchase (the Phantom 3 Pro) I decided to just buy the drone itself and buy all the accessories down the road as I needed them. I figured DJI would have included all the basics one needs to use there product to its full capacity right? Wrong. I can't even count how many orders I had to make ordering len's filters, extra batteriess, etc.

This time I did it right - and boy am I glad I did. These guys thought of everything without any "filler" products. Everything included I've already used in the first week. The case is bullet-proof, you really do end up using the 64 GB memory card, and the len's filters drastically change the video quality outdoors.

My two cents would be don't waste your time buying accessories down the road - you're going to need them! Thanks Drone-World!!! You guys rock!

- Rob (Posted on 4/19/2016)
Simply a Must Review by DougHoltzCLA

This is a big jump from the P3 4K I had. A BIG jump. I think buying the exec kit is a part of that. (I bought the P3 4K by itself.) Right off the top the 950 case and insert work without any hassle. The accessories were top notch, all from major brands, so it works out to a great overall value.

The magic here is the P4. The P4 steers way smoother than the 3. I also notice its hover, land, and takeoff are stabler. The video and live feed looks good. Real good. And the shell and landing gear feel higher grade. Even the underside vents feel firm and smooth. I haven't had much chance to try the autonomous features. Performance wise I've gotten to 51 MPH which is alot fater than my P3. Battery life has been in the low 20s, but I fly it pretty hard and that's 5min more than I averaged before. I haven't compared the range extender to the P3 without, but I got 720p on my HTC sending my P4 across the channel from Corona del Mar into Balboa.

(Not sure I was supposed to do that.)

Definitely got my money's worth. (Posted on 4/15/2016)
The best purchase ever! Review by Ben

I am truly happy with my Executive Kit. I tested mine out today for the first time and I was amazed I could go passed 4 miles even close to 5! Before purchasing I called to get a little information and I must say their support line is so helpful. They sound willing to help, unlike other companies. Thank you Drone World for the amazing bundle and price especially. I can go on and on, the packaging was so clean and I got more than I could have imagined. (Posted on 4/14/2016)

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Question: Will the device holder hold my iPad Pro (the large screen ) and is it compatible? And. Will the sun shade fit? I assume the iPad Pro will work withe the p4.
Question: For quality photo's and video, what would be the best Micro card to purchase?
Question: Do you offer any finances? I would love to get the Executive Kit Version 2
Question: What additional battery chargers do we need for the Phantom 4?