Phantom 4 Top 10 Accessories

Let's face it: The standard DJI Phantom 4 Advanced drone package is as sparse as they come.

Luckily, you have companies like Drone World ready to offer terrific bundles and accessories with the mere press of a button. Plus we now offer the two latest additions to the DJI family, the DJI Phantom 4 Pro/Pro+ and the DJI Phantom 4 Advanced/Advanced+. In addition to the Phantom 4 accessories below, we also offer a great selection of accessories specifcally for the Phantom 4 Pro, including lens filters, an invaluable remote controller sunshade, and the Transcend 64GB MicroSD card.

To help you determine which of our countless accessories you should consider, here's a quick guide to the Top 10 must-haves for the Phantom 4 series of drones, including items for both the Phantom 4 Advanced and Phantom 4 Pro.


10. Military Backpack

 Phantom 4 Military Backpack

For the outdoorsman and -woman, a military backpack is essential.The DJI Phantom 4 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 backpack is a great option when mobility is priority. Made from specially reinforced, military-grade 1000D nylon, the Rush 72 utlizes TacTec internal webbing to protect all of its inside contents. And it can hold quite a lot of those--up to fifty-five liters' worth. Every Drone World Rush 72 military backpack includes one of our custom-sculpted Phantom 4 foam inserts, carefully crafted to fit your drone and all its accessories.


9. Apple Cable

 Phantom 4 Apple Cable

One would think that DJI would have this as stock by now. In spite of the wide use of Apple hardware, an Apple cable is still not standard in packaging. Drone World's DJI Device Cable features dual layers of nylon-threading, as well as aircraft-grade aluminum connectors, ensuring reliable and secure links between remote and mobile device. And take heart: our device cable is Apple MFi-certified, supporting 11 different Apple devices, including the latest generations of iPhone, iPod, and iPad.  


8. Memory Card

 Phantom 4 memory card

Your video needs to go somewhere, and the standard Phantom 4 package only includes a measly 16 GB memory card; but in the age of 4K, pilots and videographers need a lot more storage than that. The Transcend Ultimate 633x microSDXC UHS-I memory card is the only card engineered and optimized for the storage and rapid-transfer of 4K Ultra HD video. Class 10-rated, the 633x features a blazing 95 MB/s reading and 85 MB/s writing speed. With up to 64 GB of data storage, Phantom 4 pilots can enjoy as much as two hours of 4K video recording! And Drone World makes that package even better, bundling its cards with USB 3.0-grade RDF5 portable card readers. 


7. Sunshade

 hoodman sunshade

The biggest enemy of any pilot (well, besides low battery power and short signal range) is glare, the infamous reason for countless crashes. The Hoodman Aviator Sunshade is the perfect remedy. Using just two adjustable straps, pilots can easily mount this Phantom 4 sunshade to their mobile device to gain a clear, uniterrupted view of their screen. Made from tough, reinforced nylon, the Hoodman sunshade has all the durability you need for repeated heavy-duty use, be it on a sunny beach or in rain-swept mountains.


6. Trackimo

 Trackimo Universal Personal GPS Tracking Device 3G

The DJI Phantom 4 Trackimo GPS device is a trusty and essential companion for any drone pilot. Used in conjunction with a downloadable app and the company's websaite, Trackimo keeps your drone pinpointed at all times with a clearly documented record of flights. This is valuable in instances of signal loss, when a drone doesn’t have enough power to return home. This economical device can end up saving you hundreds--and who doesn't want to save?


5. FPV Goggles

 FatShark DominatorV3 HD FPV Goggles

Porsche runs on the mantra: "There is no substitute." That mantra works just as well for FPV goggles--there simply is no substitute to the visceral, immersive experience of first-person flying. With the FatShark Dominator v3, Phantom 4 pilots enjoy the benefit of 720p HD live-video, a 16:9 ratio, and swappable NTSC/PAL formats. The V3 also features a modular bay for support to support multiple band receivers and receiver modules. Just make sure you have the Drone World HDMI module for your Phantom 4 remote to plug in the V3.


4. Lens Filters

 lens filters

Taking photos and shooting video are both easier with the L-Series Premium Lens Filter Kit L-Series Premium Lens Filters. Included in the set is an industry first: an adjustable ND Filter & Polarized Lens Filter (also known as a variable neutral density filter), boasting 12 protective coatings and a waterproof coating. The other two lenses in this series are: UV filter for eliminating harsh rays from the sun, and a circular polarized lens for helps to reduce reflections through water and glass.  


3. Wheeled Hard Case

 hard case

The wheeled hard case is the most protective way of transporting your drone--and wheeled hard cases don't get any better than the DJI Phantom 4 Nanuk 950. The 950 combines security and spaciousness, thanks to an IP67 waterproof rating, hydrocut synergy foam interior, and patented "Power-Claw" latches. That interior is custom-sculpted to fit the Phantom 4 and all its accessories, including batteries, propellers, chargers, and much more. The 950 also includes an adjustable pull handle for easy transport.


2. THOR Supercharger


The DJI Phantom 4 THOR Multi-Battery Charger is a 17.5v heavy-duty battery charger specially designed for DJI Intelligent Flight batteries. With tremendous capacity and output, the THOR can charge three Phantom 4 batteries at once--four times faster than a standard charger. And with a 20K-hour internal cooling system, the THOR can deliver a steady stream of charging for weeks on end. "Supercharger indeed."


1. FireBridge 2 Remote Controller

 FireBridge 2 Remote for Phantom 4 Advanced and Phantom 4 Pro

The bane of any drone pilot is short range, and even an awesome drone like the Phantom 4 is guilty of not always measuring up. DJI advertises a 3-mile range, but odds are you won’t ever get close to that--not unless you opt for the DJI Phantom 4 Long-Range System. Powered by Drone World’s FireBridge Technology, the Phantom 4 Long-Range System is guaranteed to provide reinforced and strengthened data down- and uplink connections; it's also guaranteed to deliver signals powerful enough to go through trees, foliage, and other obstacles. That's all thanks to a 180-degree panel antenna, military-grade 10G copper wiring, and dual integrated boosters mounted inside--all without any need for extra batteries or additional charging. Presently, the Long-Range System is offered only with the Phantom 4 Executive Kit, but plans are in to offer it separately very soon.


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