Read This Before You Buy a Phantom 3 Standard!

DJI Phantom 3 Standard


DJI sure doesn’t make it easy for newbies when it comes to choosing a Phantom 3. There are four variants of the good ol’ 3, and now there’s even a Phantom 4 to boot! We know what you’re thinking: I’m just a beginner. I’ll buy the cheapest model and that’ll be fine. Right? Wrong.

What is it?

A drone, silly! Joking aside, the Standard is the base (i.e. “cheap”) variant of the Phantom 3, the world’s most popular quadcopter drone. It costs $499, whereas the Advanced and 4K variants cost $799, and Professional $999.

What does it have?

Not much. The Standard includes just the essentials:

  • Aircraft (Motors + Props)
  • Battery
  • Camera & Gimbal
  • Remote


The Standard is meant to be the most basic package you can buy. You can all you need to fly and film. Nothing more, nothing less.

What doesn’t it have?

A lot. The Phantom 3 Standard is missing great features found on the Advanced and Professional, such as: DJI Lightbridge, a system that wirelessly sends HD live video from the drone to the pilot's remote; a Visual Positioning System (VPS), which scans the terrain to help the drone land on uneven surfaces and navigate indoors; both GPS and GLONASS satellite systems for precise tracking anywhere on the globe; HDMI output to connect premium devices, including First-Person View (FPV) goggles; and fittings on the camera for lens filters.

What’s it good for?

Not much. The Standard makes a terrific decoration, paperweight, and pet’s toy. OK, maybe that’s harsh. But there’s a big reason why Drone World doesn’t sell the Standard or 4K: We just don’t see them as a justifiable value to our customers. Our customers want aerial drones that can film and fly reliability and with great versatility. The Standard can do the first, but not the second.

What’s better?

Simple: The Phantom 3 Advanced. The Advanced has all the things the Standard doesn’t:

  • 720p HD live streaming
  • VPS for indoor flight and stable landing
  • Dual GPS/GLONASS navigation
  • HDMI output for FPV goggles
  • Support for lens filters


The Phantom 3 Advanced shoots 12 MP photographs and records 2.7K video. We offer the Phantom 3 Advanced by itself for $799, but we also offer bundles with a full range of accessories from our basic $1,249 kit to our fully (and we mean fully) loaded $2,349 Executive Kit.

Be sure to see our complete line of Phantom 3 Advanced accessores and kits for more great deals!


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