DJI Spark Gesture Controls

The DJI Spark is the latest drone to come from the leader of drones, known for their very popular Phantom and Inspire series drones, as well as 2016’s big hit, the DJI Mavic Pro. Small in size but chock full of fun features, the Spark is an innovative aircraft that brings some great new elements to the world of drones. The Gesture Controls are one of the most awe-inspiring elements of this fantastically fun drone, which is why we’ve dedicated this page to help Spark owners understand and use all the gestures with optimum proficiency.

Palm Takeoff

1. With the Spark turned on, place it in your palm facing towards you. Double press the power button to activate FaceAware. You’ll hear the aircraft beep and see the front LEDs turn green as the propellers begin rotating.

2. Only let go of the Spark when the front LEDs turn red. It will then hover at its takeoff altitude. *Important: Be sure to keep your fingers below the propeller level when holding the aircraft*

DJI Spark Palm Takeoff


Palm Control

1. Point your palm vertically towards the aircraft for 2 seconds, approximately 1 meter in front of it. Front LEDs will turn green. (If they turn yellow, stand farther away)

2. Move your hand slowly in any direction (up, down, left, right, backward and forward to control the Spark)


Away And Follow

1. Wave at the Spark for two seconds about 1 meter in front of it until Front LEDs flash green.

2. Spark will fly backwards 3 meters and upwards 3 meters.

3. Use the Confirm Follow gesture if Follow fails. (Confirm Follow: Put your hands in a Y position. When you are successfully followed, the front LEDs will turn green)


Take a Selfie

1. Make a box with your hands to initiate the camera

2. The front LEDs will flash and countdown for 3 seconds after successful identification. 

3. Front LEDs flash red quickly when camera is about to capture, and will go out during capture.

DJI Spark Selfie


The ability to take a picture without a controller or mobile app is unheard of, making this the pinnacle of the groundbreaking gesture controls built into the DJI Spark. Snapping a photo this way is not only a lot of fun, it's very easy to do, and beginner drone pilots are sure to have no trouble snapping great selfies as they explore the world with their Spark. Ready to bring your Spark back home and charge it up for another flight? Beckon it home:



1. Hold your hands in the Y position (like Confirm Follow) to make the aircraft descend to 1.5 meters off the ground, and fly to 1.2 meters away from you. 

2. Front LEDs will turn red when Follow stops. 


Palm Landing

1. Place your hand palm up under the aircraft within half a meter for 2 seconds. 

2. Spark will descend and propellers will stop rotating when it fully lands in your palm. 

DJI Spark Palm Landing


The incredible Gesture Controls available on the DJI Spark are an industry first, effectively ushering in a brand new way to fly for beginner and expert drone pilots alike. Although the technology is not without its flaws, no first iteration of a feature ever is, and we are confident that the gesture controls from DJI will only get better in time. For now though, we are happy to continue to fly the DJI Spark controller free, waving our hands around like a jedi master. 


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