DJI Spark Camera

The high performance DJI Spark camera boasts amazing images and stabilized video, complete with a mechanical gimbal, powerful lens, and an intelligence level that's never been seen before. With face recognition technology, you can control your Spark with a simple gesture to take a picture, hold it's position, and follow your palm. The possibilities are endless with this groundbreaking aircraft, and at its core is a camera that provides unique photography and videography opportunities. 


DJI Spark in flight

Photo enthusiasts are in for a real treat, as the onboard camera harnesses the power of DJI's UltraSmooth technology to dramatically reduce shake and rolling shutter effect, maintaining stable and very detailed shots every single time. Plus, the gesture controls unique to the Spark allow for selfies and videos unlike any other, captured with ease.


The Spark's camera films video in FHD 1920x1080 at 30 frames per second, giving drone pilots crisp clear videos as they soar through the air. The camera boasts an f/2.6 wide angle lens with a 25 mm equivalent focal length. In the Spark, DJI has crafted one of their finest cameras, which also translates to brand new shooting modes that we describe in detail below.

DJI Spark Camera Lens

Below you can see the Spark's 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor, which provides stabilized 1080P video and 12 MP still photographs. Plus, larger pixels translate to a camera that is acutely sensitive to light and records colors with the utmost precision.

DJI Spark CMOS sensor

In addition to the DJI camera modes fans have come to know and love, there are two brand new modes sure to whet the appetite of photography enthusiasts: 

Pano: This long-beloved camera function is now available on the Spark, which is capable of horizontal or vertical panoramas by automatically adjusting its gimbal and heading:

DJI Spark Pano




ShallowFocus: 3D vision technology enables the capture of photos with a shallow depth of field. The camera identifies the subject in the shot and blurs out the background, creating a beautiful final image that resembles professional photography:

DJI Spark ShallowFocus

Perhaps the most eye catching features of the DJI Spark, however, are the gesture controls that help you snap the ultimate selfie. The Spark's gesture control technology means that drone pilots no longer need a controller or their mobile device to get the Spark up in the air, move it in any direction, and even snap a picture! Once the gesture controls are engaged, simply making a photo motion with your hands activates the camera to take a picture: 

DJI Spark Gestures

The possibilities with this drone are genuinely awe-inspiring. With its ease of use, portability, and the fact that it can take a picture virtually anywhere, we expect to see creative selfies taken to all new heights, in both senses of the word. Photo lovers are going to fall hard for this masterpiece drone, and because of its small size you really can take it anywhere. Vacations, day trips, and walks in the park will never quite be the same. 

DJI Spark Gesture Control



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