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DJI Phantom 3 Professional vs 3DR Solo Smart Drone

Phantom 3 vs 3DR Solo


Updated May 2016

The DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter and 3DR Solo are two of the biggest names in the world of consumer drones. The DJI Phantom Series accounts for at least 80% of consumer drones sold, while the 3DR Solo accounts for...a lot less. The Phantom 3 Professional drone is the top variant of the P3 series, utilizing a 4K and 12 MP camera, linked to an auto-adjust three-axis gimbal. (By comparison, the 3DR does not include a camera.) 

But which is better? We'll try to help you with your decision by listing the advantages that each drone has over the other. Look at the facts and decide for yourself! 

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Phantom 4 vs Phantom 3


DJI Phantom 3 Pro's over the 3dr solo:

  • Built-in 4K UHD Camera w/ 3-axis Gimbal
  • Apple and Android Support
  • Higher Gimbal & Camera Setup
  • Longer Range & Flight Time
  • GLONASS Support.
  • No "Fisheye" Camera Effect
  • Lighter Overall
  • Superior Hover Accuracy Vertical Hover Accuracy of +/- 10cm. No other quadcopter had this yet so for now its in the Pro's of the phantom 3. However this is probaly achieved close to the ground and not above 10 meters.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Hover-Lock
  • PRICE = $999


3DR Solo Pro's over the Phantom 3:

  • Option to Use Action Cam of Your Choice (Camera not included.)
  • Open-Source
  • No-Fault Warranty
  • Heaviness Aids Stability in Windy Environment
  • Faster than Phantom 3
  • Upgradable Antenna
  • Less Latency than Phantom 3
  • PRICE = $1,000 (with gimbal) + $400 GoPro Hero 4 = $1,400


Both the P3 and 3DR feature 720p live video streaming and wind resistance above 21.7 km/u. The Phantom 3 includes all essentials, such as camera and gimbal, while the 3DR doesn't. However, the P3's camera and gimbal are not detachable--you're stuck with them. The 3DR gives the pilot the option of selecting his camera, be it a GoPro or Sony ActionCam or whatever, and gimbal. That gives you the liberty to select what camera is right for you. 

Perhaps the deciding factor is price. You can come away with a complete Phantom 3 Pro for just $999, while the 3DR Solo will run you at least $1,400 with camera and gimbal.

Hopefully that info helped you decide! 


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