DJI Inspire 1 Zenmuse X5 and X5R Professional Camera Info and Features

Inspire 1 Pro Camera and Features

With the introduction of the Inspire 1 last year, DJI has done it again with the Inspire 1 Pro. A rock solid platform with minor upgrades to the aircraft itself, the Inspire 1 Pro introduced huge changes to the equipment Inspire 1 carries.While upgrades to the propeller system and landing gear might get some excited, it's the new cameras, the Zenmuse X5 and X5R, additions you can’t get anywhere else without a custom built platform, that has people clamoring.

The question you might be asking yourself now is why? The original camera on the Inspire 1 is still a great camera overall, so why would someone want the new upgraded options?

For the professional photographer or aspiring cinematographer, the new cameras are a long awaited upgrade allowing for more creative control. Pro-ready out of the box, they allow owners to produce even big screen quality video and photos. Below we will look at the benefits and explain the different options out there for those that want or already have an Inspire.

Inspire 1 Pro Overview

For those of you that already own an Inpsire 1, fear not! You are able upconvert by purchasing the Inspire 1 Pro upgrade kit separately. The upgrade kit is relatively easy to install or there's even a pre-assembled version on offer for those that would rather not fuss with their quadcopters camera and gimbal system.

Compared to the original Inspire 1 there has been little change to the aircraft itself (different locking system on the propellers and slightly higher landing gear that comes stock with the Inspire 1 Pro). As already noted, the main difference and value is in the camera. The X5 and X5R cameras are larger (526+ grams) compared to the original X3 Inspire 1 camera. The X5 camera allows for 16MP still shots, 4k video at up to 30fps and it has interchangeable lenses for better control over focus and aperture (currently Olympus, DJI and Panasonic make interchangeable lenses to fit on the X5 and X5R). Lenses for the X5 range from a 12mm f/2.0 to a 15mm f/1.7.

Dynamic Range

 Another exciting feature of the new cameras is their dynamic range. Featuring 12.8 stops of dynamic range, the user has the capability for quick changes to the exposure to create great clarity in any situation. The ISO range is also exponentially better, going from 3,200 with the original X3 camera to 25,600 on the Inspire 1 Pro. This all adds up to greater control and the ability to get the cleanest shot possible in almost any environment.

Micro Four Thirds


Inspire 1 Pro Sensor

One of the biggest benefits to owning the X5 and X5R is the sensors that come with these cameras are huge (literally) compared to the X3 camera. Comparing the original X3 camera or a Go-Pro style camera, the sensors in the X5 and X5R are over 8x the size. The Inspire 1 Pro models use a powerful Micro Four Thirds sensor that creates extremely clean and crisp shots. Sensors of this caliber have only been available in pricey custom builds in the past and would run nearly $10k. 


Inspire 1 Pro X5R.

The Inspire 1 has always been a great platform and now the Pro versions elevate DJI's consumer drone to epic levels. Lesser quadcopters haven’t reach these heights bIf the Micro Four Thirds sensor, increased dynamic range, interchangeable lenses, remote focus and aperture control of the Inspire 1 Pro X5 just don't do it for you, then an upgrade to the Inspire 1 Pro X5R is what you need. Moving from the X5 to the X5R, you'll get same reliable drone and camera setup but with the added ability to shoot in lossless 4k RAW. Using a 512GB removable SSD drive to store all of that video, the Inspire 1 X5R shoots video at 2 gigabits per second making that extra storage and absolute necessity. The X5R camera gives the user the greatest creative freedom possible when shooting and editing. For the professional or the individual that demand the best in quality this is the camera and platform to use.

ecause of the increased weight in the cameras. If you wanted to carry a better camera in the past, you needed a much larger platform like the S900 or S1000 to shoulder the extra weight. And moving to those customized platforms can easily set you back twice what the Inspire 1 Pro costs to get similar control over the camera and lenses. DJI has done incredible work in designing this new system and the video shot from the Inspire 1 Pro is incredible.

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