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DJI Mavic Pro MaxX MOD Long Range Extender Signal Booster Antenna System (Coming Soon)


  • Specifically Designed for DJI Mavic PRO

  • 20X More Performance than Stock

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  • Please Note: This is to upgrade your existing remote. If you are adding this upgrade to your shopping cart with a separate drone purchase you will NOT need to do anything else. Your remote controller will be modified by our engineers automatically. If you already have a remote then please follow the instructions below to mail us your remote.

  • Pilot's Tip: For Best Reception, Point The Antenna Directly at Your Drone and Enjoy Full Resolution Live Video feed in most environment up to 4-5 miles

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The highly anticipated DJI Mavic MaXX Mod Kit is here! After 9 months of engineering and 3 years of modifications on DJI remote controller systems the best systems have emerge winners in this one of a kind kit. Meticulously designed, thoroughly tested across 4 countries, this kit has the world's first ever "Hot-Swappable" triple antenna system featuring the industry's most respected antennas. The kit doesn't stop there. It amasses all the accessories you need and none of the eBay parts you would have just ended up of throwing away. The new Award winning LowePro backpack fits all of this kit's modifications in it like a glove. You can even store your entire MaXX Mod remote controller system in one compartment! The MavMount device holder and the MaXX Mod antenna system along with your device stay connected and ready to fly in seconds versus minutes.





Max Seigal DJI Mavic PRO MaXX MOD Review



DJI Mavic PRO MaXX Mod Range Extender Remote




An industry first, this Drone World signature series antenna is custom crafted to be better built and better tuned than any other helical antenna on the market. With tolerances below 0.5dBm, this directional antenna can penetrate stronger and longer than other similar looking designs. Drone pilots alike will love the improved HD image as their Mavic Pro soars through interference and weather. The improved quality allows for better navigation and makes filming easier by providing a richer picture so you can focus on your shot.



MaXX “Range” Mod


The Flat Panel Antenna brings a substantial range boost to the Mavic Pro. This new 2017 design has circular polarized internals that perform better than the old linear polarized panel antennas of 2016. This gives the pilots better range as well as penetration up to 4-5 miles, or 6+ miles if performing drone battery modifications. Mavic Pro users gain the safety and security of a much longer drone leash.

MAXX "Range" MOD



MaXX “FPV Park” Mod MaXX “FPV Park” Mod


The FPV Park antenna is also new for 2017 uses 360°field of view that makes it the perfect modification for FPV style flying in places like parks or around trees. Using 98% pure copper fins protected by ABS plastic pilots can enjoy receiving strong signals within a mile range in all directions. No need worry about having to directionally point the remote controller at the drone.



3-1 Antenna Bracket


After thirty test renderings we came up with our 3-in-1 Hot-Swap antenna bracket. It allows the pilot to instantly change between antennas in seconds rather than having to fumble around with loose nuts and bolts. Engineered to function with the factory cooling louvers while still siting flush on the remote, this bracket is compact enough to store inside the LowePro backpack. Cheers to real 3D print engineers!




Military Spec RG58 Wire

Military Spec RG58 Wire


<p">We rely on the Military Spec RG58 Wire to tie everything together on the MaXX Mod Kit – they connect each of the antennas to the remote control through the antenna bracket. Ultimately designed to guarantee no signal is lost in transmission.




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