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DJI Mavic Pro Bundle Kits

The Mavic Pro is the most compact, lightweight, drone crafted by DJI, utilizing a game console-like controller for flight.  Read more...With a 4k camera, 3-axis mechanical gimbal, and the ability to pilot with your smartphone, the Mavic represents the very best in drone technology. We are proud to be a premier DJI dealer offering DJI Drones bundled with exclusive Drone World™ accessories you won’t find anywhere else; such as our newest addition, the Mavic Pro MaXX Mod Upgrade Kit.




The Mavic Pro is a marvel to behold. The lighter design allows it to fly up to 8 miles at a top speed of 40mph on sport mode, with 27 minutes of total flight time. The Mavic is so well crafted and boasts such a pure, aerodynamic design that it consumes less energy flying than hovering. As a result, its hover time clocks in at 24 minutes.


Another notable upgrade is the OccuSync Transmission system, which offers a longer transmission range along with 1080p resolution. In contrast to its older brother, the Phantom 4, the Mavic Pro is capable of 90° rotation – perfect for portrait shots and selfies. Additionally a smaller FOV means the Mavic can focus as closely as 0.5 meters.


Its Intelligent Vision Positioning System requires no more than a patterned surface and enough available light to stabilize and hover up to 13 meters above the ground. The designers of this beloved drone really outdid themselves – even if it is unable to identify reference points on the ground, the Mavic Pro can rely solely on its forward vision sensors to hover.


Flying with the Mavic Pro is an absolute breeze. It automatically avoids obstacles 50 feet (15 m) in front, and can do so while traveling up to 22 mph (30 kph). What about landing, one might ask? The Mavic has you covered. Precision landing takes GPS Return-to-Home to an all new level of amazing: In essence, the Mavic Pro will visually recognize the pattern of the ground it took off from, such as cracks or other identifiers. If given the time to capture footage of the ground during take-off, it will successfully find its way home.


Learn more about how the DJI Mavic Pro stacks up against its fellow DJI Drones with our DJI Mavic vs Phantom 4 Pro/Pro+ comparison. You can also explore all of our DJI Mavic Pro Accessories, including the highly useful DJI Mavic Pro MavMount.