Best Phantom 4 Cases

A good drone needs a good case: And the DJI Phantom is as good as drones get.

With the DJI Phantom 4 out on the market, your old Phantom 3 case simply won’t do. The Phantom 4 fits too loosely inside a Phantom 3 insert. As a result, using a Phantom 3 case risks damaging the Phantom 4 drone as it shifts and tosses inside.

A drone case is important, and by now you probably know that Drone World offers only great Phantom 4 cases, including the premium 5.11 Tactical RUSH72 backpack and Nanuk 950 case.

Best Phantom 4 Backpack

The military-grade 5.11 Tactical RUSH72 is the ultimate Phantom 4 backpack, coming straight from the premier manufacturer of field gear. The RUSH72 features:

  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Shoulder and waist straps
  • Thick padding
  • Modular design for additional packs
  • Numerous external and internal pockets

The Drone World 920 is among the best Phantom 4 cases you can buy. The Drone World 920 includes a retractable handle and wheels for easy transportation. The 920 also includes a custom insert to fit your Phantom 4 easily and securely.

Best Phantom 4 Case Nanuk 920 Hard Case

The Nanuk 950 is Drone World’s best Phantom 4 case. With its two wheels and extendable handle, the 950 is best-suited for the frequent traveller who spares no expense when it comes to keeping his Phantom 4 secure. The Drone World 950 features:

  • Waterproof construction
  • Two-stage retractable handle
  • Powerclaw Latching System
  • Detachable lid
  • Polyurethane wheels

Phantom 4 Nanuk 950 Hard case w/ custom foam insert

All Drone World cases use our own exclusive foam inserts custom-designed to fit the Phantom 4 and all its accessories. Each Drone World insert is:

  • Made of synergy polymer
  • Ultra tear-resistant
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Precision fit
  • Made in the USA

Drone World cases are superior to the countless, cheap, ill-fitting, and fragile generic cases that flood the market.

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