It always feels nice to leave behind a good impression, and it looks like we left behind another one. Reviewer Perry Brauner of Gear Diary recently tested one of our Phantom 3 Advanced drones, coming away totally impressed with the little quadcopter.

“Plain and simple, the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced is the most fun I’ve ever had piloting a drone,” Brauner gushed. “Its simple controls and fantastic stability can make even a novice drone pilot like myself feel invincible. ”

The Phantom 3 Advanced’s smart features and simple design knocked out Brauner. Priced at $799, the P3 Advanced includes a 2.7K (1520p) resolution video and 12 MP camera, linked to a three-axis gimbal. Powered by four motors, the Phantom 3 Advanced can travel up to 35 MPH and 25 min. of flight time (or so the factory says…). The Phantom 3 Advanced sensors enable the aircraft to hover indoors, while up to three dozen satellites provide accurate outdoor navigation. Like the Pro, the Phantom 3 Advanced can also stream hi-def video for up to 1 mile and standard-def for 3.

All those features make getting rich and smooth video, as well as simple maneuvers, a breeze. It’s no wonder the Phantom 3 quickly became the best-selling consumer drone ever. (At least till the Phantom 4 succeeds it…) DJI currently offers for variants of Phantom 3: Standard, 4K, Advanced, and Professional. Don’t be surprised if the Standard and 4K fall by the wayside as DJI concentrates on its higher-grade offerings.

Brauner did have one gripe with the Advanced: Signal range. “The 3.1 mile distance was tested by DJI in perfect conditions without obstacles or interference, but in my neighborhood, I  could only get about 1,500 feet away before the video feed started cutting out.”

Maybe we should supply him with one of our Phantom 3 Range Extenders and see the difference?

In the meantime, you can read more about Gear Diary’s report at