DJI Phantom 2 KITS

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    Taking the most dependable drones on the market to new heights. DJI Phantom 2 Kits from Drone World feature a combination upgrades and add-ons engineered to take your drone farther and make the fun last longer.

    The custom DJI Phantom 2 Kits shown here range from simple add-ons like additional batteries and custom cases to professional quality upgrades designed to take your Phantom 2 quadcopter farther than the competition. Each kit comes with enhanced range and FPV, upgraded propellers and battery charger, custom case and 3-axis gimbal for stabilized video. Drone World's top of the line custom Phantom 2 Kit Falcon Edition goes above beyond each kit including self-tightening carbon fiber propellers, upgraded FPV and range beyond competitors Phantom kits, 5 batteries to keep your Phantom in the air even longer and an array of add-ons including custom lenses for your GoPro Hero4 of GoPro 3 and DW custom landyard neck harness to hold your remote controller secure to you during flight.