DJI Phantom 4: What Critics Are Saying

DJI unveiled the Phantom 4 on March 1st. The debut marks another step forward for the aerial drone, which tallies annual sales in the millions. DJI’s new release is especially important since the Chinese manufacturer dominates around 70% of the consumer drone market.

Phantom 4 preorder

How has the reaction been?

Positive. The DJI Phantom 4’s new “Sense” obstacle-avoidance, tap-to-fly, and ActiveTrack subject-tracking systems generally impressed reviewers. Some even regard it as the first true “smart drone.” Beyond that, the Phantom 4 is easier to fly and faster than any previous generation. The Phantom 4’s new Sport Mode enables it to reach 45 MPH (10 more than the previous Phantom) and a larger battery gives it a 10-20% boost in flight time.

DJI was pretty secretive about the Phantom 4 details before the unveiling. The number of early reviews is small, limited mostly to big-ticket outlets like CNET and Tested. Here are a few impressions that stood out:

  • Ben Popper of The Verge: “The Phantom was sort of the iPhone of drones, the best overall package of price, power, and ease of use. But with the Phantom 4, DJI’s drone isn’t just the best overall offering, it’s also the most cutting-edge.”
  • Geoffrey A. Fowler of The Wall Street Journal: “After a rash of drone crashes and injuries, these flying lawn mowers needed a breakthrough. It’s computer vision. The Phantom 4…is the first consumer drone that can sense and avoid trees, buildings and moving objects. A novice can tap on an app and have it trail someone like a flying paparazzo.”
  • Andrew Tarantola of Engadget: “With a flight time of nearly a half hour, combined with its increased intelligence and performance, the Phantom 4 looks to be a solid choice for both new flight drone pilots and professional photographers alike.”

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Phantom 4 preorder

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